Great Leaps


Our corporate experiences are designed to support 'Team Bonding' rather than initiate a competitive environment. We aim to make the experience you choose or create with us, one that your team will remember over time. 

It is essential that you arrive, relax and lead your day, with a focus on 'Wellness' and 'Wellbeing', while taking time out from your work schedule to think about 'You'. Thank you for taking a look and if you require any further information please contact our Events Coordinator to discuss further.

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Digital Detox Day

Designed for the busy professional to take a day away from the noise and chatter of the office. A chance to ditch those digital devices that have become an extension of ourselves!

Digital detox days help to build your resilience by stripping away technology and enabling you to face the challenges in your own mind.

By using our woodland or waterbased environment, basic tools and communication you will be empowered to take charge of your own outcomes.

Digital Detox is all about You!

Experience Fees Start from £120 per person (includes breakfast and lunch)



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