Great Leaps

Education & Engagement

Excellence and outstanding practice are at the heart of everything we do.

We ensure that all sessions are established within a safe and stimulating environment and start with clear aims and objectives, providing a differentiated structure that enables people to progress, while remaining stretched and challenged.

Our staff have a secure knowledge of their subjects and plan sessions to build on peoples capabilities and prior knowledge, enabling them to reflect on their progress and emerging needs while taking responsibility for their work

All of this is provided through clear rules and routines for behaviour within the environment, promoting high expectations through an established discipline framework.


Key Stage 3

Our engagement provision is bespoke, providing schools with the chance to work at preventing exclusion while promoting reengagement and creating a supportive environment that focuses on the young person.

Through the creation of this type of environment, we develop resilience, self-esteem and positivity by introducing routines while developing a sense of belonging.

This sense of belonging is further supported by a daily breakfast and lunch, cooked by the young people themselves, using bushcraft techniques, meaning they have to work with their peers to succeed. Depending on the young persons' programme, they will follow a curriculum that could include woodland adventure, bushcraft, water adventure and team building activities - all with the focus of a blended learning approach that provides for Mathematics, English and Business Enterprise to support the young person with success, progression and work ready opportunities.

Learners will also benefit from the creation of a Personal Learning Plan and the support of a key worker, as they work towards achieving both soft and hard outcomes.


Key Stage 4

Our key stage 4 approach is similar to that of Key Stage 3. Here we link the practical learning experiences to qualifications, that reflect the level of the pupils. A good example of this would be the enterprise projects, where pupils create and sell items, linking their experience to a qualification. We are also happy to work with providers and deliver formal learning as an alternative to school provision for subjects - including Mathematics and English.


Post 16

Our Post 16 provision works with people who are unsure of their direction. They are capable and wanting to achieve but may struggle to access the right qualification or lack the confidence required to show their full potential. With us, they can work in a safe environment and develop the skills necessary to build on areas like confidence, resilience and working as part of a team. The above abilities, combined with the experiences they participate in, will develop communication and peer relationship skills enabling them to feel more confident in their future direction. At this stage, we can work with the individual and look to the next educational step that helps them with their journey and obtaining the qualifications to take them forward.

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