Great Leaps


The Cave System is a man-made structure for use by Young People and Adults aged from 5 years upwards.

The system has been built in the shape of a wheel. The outer rim is nice and easy, and the spokes joining the rim to the hub area where the various features of the system are lurking.

Features that have been given nicknames such as 'The S Bends', 'The Squeeze', 'The Squeeze Backwards', 'The Balcony', 'The Dead End', 'The Plank', 'The keyhole', 'The slide' and for the more adventurous, our water feature, 'The Sump'!

AAt the centre of any wheel is the 'hub'. The hub is a large chamber through which all users pass, several times and at various levels, in their journey through the system.

Learning Application

Discussions/Leading/Sharing Leadership/Being Led/Listening Skills/Verbal and non-verbal communication approaches/Idea sharing/Planning/Reviewing/ Teamwork/ Motivation /Physical fitness/ Achievement/ Success and Self Belief/ Personal challenge/ Physical and mental wellbeing/ Self Confidence/ Leisure pursuit/ Co-ordination/ Trust/ Responsibility.

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Risk Assessment available here to support your planning.


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