Great Leaps

Adventure Carousel

Our carousel offers young people the opportunity to experience educational, practical, vocational and adventure skills in our outdoor setting.

Here we link the practical learning experiences to qualifications, that reflect the level of the pupils in line with their current curriculum.

Providing education through this type of environment further supports the development of resilience, self-esteem and positivity by introducing routines while developing a sense of belonging.

As well as our carousel providing specific skilled disciplines, they also develop young peoples life skills, specifically designed to encourage teamwork, communication and problem-solving; promoting independent learning in support of the young person achieving their full potential.

1. Select your activity from the following list:


Map Reading and Orienteering




Rifle Shooting

Kayaking (Unavailable from 01st November - 31st March due to weather conditions)

Canoeing (Unavailable from 01st November - 31st March due to weather conditions)

2. Choose a day and a two hour window:

Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday between the following times:

10:00am - 12:00pm

12:30pm - 14:30pm

3. Contact our Education/Engagement Coordinator to discuss your options and confirm your booking.

Carousel bookings run for a minimum of four (4) weeks at a time and include links toward employment opportunities, alongside literacy and numeracy development.

Max group size is eight (8) people per activity.

Take a look at our Carousel Curriculum to get a feel for our lesson planning:

Archery Carousel - Week 2


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